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2002 European Emergency Response

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The Emergency Response sets contained 5 vehicles each.  Each set followed a specific color scheme.  These set were only available in Europe and possibly Australia during 2002.  The sets were not number or named.  I have just assigned numbers and names to them for reference purposes.

Set # 1 - Red

Ford Delivery Van

Chevy Tahoe

Fire Pumper Truck
P-51 Mustang Speed Boat

Set # 2 - Black

Ford Delivery Van Ford Mustang Bell 222
Chevy Blazer Chevy Caprice

Set # 3 - Orange

Snowmobile Toyota Land Crusier  Piper Apache
Inflatable Boat Snow Tracker

Set # 4 - Yellow

Chevy Tahoe Tow Truck Ford Box Van
Chevy Dually Pickup Ford Ranchero

Set # 5 - Silver

Chevy Blazer Speed Boat 530MG Defender
Chevy Camaro Vector M12

Set # 6 - White/red

Drag Boat Speed Boat HH-53 Sea Stallion
Inflatable Boat Wooden Boat

Set # 7 - Green

Chevy S10 Blazer Quad Racer ATV Jeep
Volkswagen Manx Buggy Ford Explorer

Set # 8 - Blue

Drag Boat Airport Tender Toyota Land Crusier
Motocross Bike Bell 47D

Emergency Response HQ Play Set

Hmm Fire Pumper Truck

Roadside SOS Play Set
The two Camaros in this set are smaller than a regular Micro Machine and they have a large hook on the back so the
tow truck can tow them.  The '71 Camaro has a hood that opens.

'71 Camaro '90s Camaro Wrecker Tow Truck

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