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Fire and Rescue

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Ambulance - Blaze and Roar

Chevrolet Camaro '80s Coupe

Chevrolet '70s Van Ambulance

Brown emergency lights "Ambulance" upside down on hood
Orange emergency lights "Ambulance" in white letters Silver headlights
Red headlights "Emergency/Paramedics" on sides "Paramedics/Emergency" on sides
Silver headlights Red headlights Blue cross on roof vs. a 7

Chevrolet '70s Van Ambulance - Sun Color Changers

Coast Guard Cutter

Fire Truck Hook & Ladder Truck - Deluxe

Fire Truck Hook & Ladder Truck - Super Micro Light

Fire truck Ladder Truck - Blaze and Roar

Fire truck Hook & Ladder Truck - Blaze and Roar

Double Emergency Lights

Fire Truck Ladder Truck - Deluxe

Light green windows, large # 8 on doors Black windows, small #8 on doors, "Fire Dept" on roof

Fire Truck Ladder Truck - Silver Series


Fire Truck Pumper

Silver trim on windows

Fire Truck - Remote Control

Ford '70s Custom Van Ambulance

Horizontal #7 on roof Vertical #7 on roof

P-3C Orion

HH-53 Sea Stallion

Piper Apache

PT Boat

Rescue Truck

Red rear center lights Orange rear center lights


Snow Tracker

UG-60S Blackhawk

Bell UH-1N (Huey) - mini

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