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Links & Credits

Many thanks to Donald Wolph at www.puremicros.com.  Without his web site, which was the pioneer Micro Machines web site,  my collection would not have been possible.  Please take a moment to visit his site and look at his auctions on Ebay.


Thanks to Tina Sowers for sharing cars and information and being a good E-friend.  Take a look at her Micro Machine and Hot Wheels auctions on Ebay

Thanks to Barb Beauman for continually finding me new pieces for my collection.  Take a look at her auctions on Ebay. 

Other Micro Machines Links
The following links are either for other Micro Machines sites, or for toy car collector sites that reference Micro Machines.  Many thanks to those sites that have shared links with me.

  Puremicros.com - Micro Machines site that focuses on the entire line of Micro Machines, including play sets, blister packs, and a little more history of the Micro Machines line.  Donald Wolph is the owner.  You'll find him to be a very helpful and friendly person.

Geoffry Wong's home page - Geoffrey provided a good number of the harder to find 1999 pieces for my collection. 

   Pete's T-bird site & Ebay About Me page.  Pete is a very nice guy who seems to be willing to share information about T-birds, as well as other car subjects.

Toshimi's Jeep Site (Japan) - Micro Machines Page, Main Page

Gary's Van pages - Gary's Personal PageHoosier Van Congress

Micro Machines Military Discussion Board

  Jurgen's Citroen 2CV page 

  Mike's Diecast Tanks and Amour

Richard's Cars - Custom Trailer Hitches and other Micro Machines accessories.  

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