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Z-Bots Want List

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Basically I'm looking for ANY Z-Bots and Mini-Z's at this point.  I'm aware of at least 200 of them that I still need.  So if you have any Z-Bots, or anything you think might be a Z-Bot, please contact me.  I've included a few example pictures of what Z-Bots generally look like.  Some clues to determining if you have a Z-Bot are as follows.

Most of them stand about 2" tall.  Mini-Z's are only 1" tall.
Many of them have either a or a logo on them.  The color of the logo will vary.
They all have L.G.T.I. on them, generally on the back and often on their butts.
They will also have a date of 1992, 1993, or 1994 directly above the L.G.T.I. stamp.

You can also check my Z-Bots pages to see if I may already have the ones you have.  The best and quickest way is for you to send me a picture of what you have.  I can determine quickly if I need them or not. 

I would always prefer to trade for anything, but I'll pay cash for them as well.  Please contact me for a recent list of the Z-Bots I have for trade.

Example Z-Bots Pictures

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