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Speedeez / Auto Kit

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Speedeez / Auto Kit Collection Gallery
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Speedeez are made by Playmates Toys, Inc. and can currently be found on store shelves in the U.S.  They are the same size as Micro Machines.  This is why I decided to add them to my collection.  It appears that some of the sets have been retired already, with new sets due out soon.  Playmates does not state the names of vehicles on their packages.  The names on my site were assigned based on known car names.


Auto Kit cars were made by Famosa Toys in Europe.  The 2003 series used some of the Speedeez body castings, as well as some new ones.  The 2003 series also had the ball bearing in the bottom of the car like the Speedeez.  The 2004 series do not have the ball bearing and look very much like a Micro Machine.


Speedeez / Auto Kit

Alfa Romeo Jaguar Pantera
Aston Martin   Jeep Peugeot
Audi Lincoln Plymouth
BMW Land Rover Pontiac


Chevrolet Lotus Saleen
Chrysler Mercedes-Benz Smart
Dodge Mercury Subaru
Ferrari Mini Cooper Toyota
Ford Miscellaneous Unknown 
Hummer Mitsubishi Volkswagen  
Hyundai Opal Willys

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