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Alfa 156

Alfa Milano

Armored Car

Bell 222

"Danger" on front of air intake
"Danger" on rear of air intake

Bell UH-1N (Huey)

Bell UH-1N (Huey) - mini

BMW K100



Chevy '57 Bel Air - Micro Light

Chevy Blazer

Chevrolet '69 Camaro

Die variation 1, no PD in shield on door
Blue under front bumper
Die variation 2, no PD in shield on door
White under front bumper
Die variation 1, PD in shield on door
Blue under front bumper
Police upside down on left side Die variation 2
Die variation 1

Chevrolet '80s Camaro Coupe

Chevrolet Caprice

TM GM Corp on underside
Click picture to see
Plain underside
Click picture to see
Silver headlights White headlights

Chevrolet S10 Blazer

Chevrolet Tahoe

Cigarette Boat

Coast Guard Cutter

Ford Box Van

Ford Box Van - Blaze & Roar

Ford '70s Custom Van

Ford Delivery Van

Ford Explorer

Ford Taurus - Private Eyes

Ford Taurus - Super Micro Lights

Ford '69 GT 500 - Snap Backs

Ford '80s Mustang

Ford Taurus Wagon

Ford Touring T

Classic Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Electraglide

Honda CBR 400

Hughes 500 SWAT - mini


4x4 Jeep

Land Rover

Lav-25 Armored Vehicle

Merkur XR4Ti

Police Polizei

Motocross Bike

Mounted Italian Police

A.K.A  Wise Guy on a horse

Police Car - Macro Machines Turbo Talkers

Plymouth '71 Barracuda
There is a die variation on the '71 Barracuda.  Version 1 has vertical lines in the hood vents by the windshield.  Version 2 does not have these lines.

Die variation 1 Die variation 2

PT Boat

Range Rover

Renault R-25
Galobb called this an R-20

Rigid Inflatable Boat - mini

RV Motorhome

Toyota Land Cruiser

Wooden Boat

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