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Macro Machines


Macro Machine were made by Galoob.  They are approximately the size of a Hot Wheels car.

  Many of them were modeled after the Triplesiders Micro Machines.
There were 3 styles of them.  Turbo Talkers, Reversibles and Smash-Ups.
The Reversibles change from one car type to another.

The Smash-Ups make a crashing sound when the front bumper is pressed in.
The Turbo Talkers play a sound when the wheels are pressed.

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'57 Bel Air - Reversibles

Chevy '80s Corvette - Turbo Talkers

Ferrari F40 - Smash-Ups

Porsche 959 - Smash-Ups

Police Car - Turbo Talkers

Range Rover - Smash-Ups

Studebaker Avanti - Smash-Ups

Tank - Turbo Talkers

"Aim, Fire !" plus cannon blast sound

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