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10th Anniversary 

These sets were issued in 1997 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Micro Machines.
  The vehicles in the sets all have a chrome paint style to them.

Please note that I've listed these cars on this page as Galoob listed them in these packages.
  They don't necessarily match the names I've given the cars on my web site.

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Best of '87

Porsche 911 Lamborghini Countach MG TF '57 Chevy

Best of '88

'62 T-Bird Convertible Porsche 928 Ferrari 308 Pantera

Best of '89

'33 Willys Woody '57 Ranchero Chopped Custom

Best of '90

Corviar Tucker Stinger Porsche 944

Best of '91

'57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible McLaren Racer RX-7 Convertible Kurtis Craft

Best of '92

Night Cruzer The Disruptor
Lumina Stock Car Chevy Dually Pickup

Best of '93

ATC R-20 Milano Land Rover

Best of '94

Mazda Miata '94 RX-7 3000GT Del Sol

Best of '95

Porsche Turbo '94 Mustang Supra GT40

Best of '96

Aston Martin DB7 Snow Trac Dodge Ram Truck Buggati EB110

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