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Z-Bots Story

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The Z-Bots story is one of good vs. evil.  Some of the Z-Bots have a logo on them that indicates which team they are on.  
The Z-Bots have a Z.  
The Voids have a V symbol.
In some cases, there is no logo on the robot.  I've indicated below each robot on my web pages which team they belong to by showing the team symbol below each robot.

The first Z-Bots story that's told on most package backs goes as follows:

A group of brilliant scientists invented a corps of perfect robots to protect the world against evil -- the Z-Bots.  But rival inventors stole the technology and invented their own brand of robot warriors programmed to do to evil -- the Voids!  Now Z-Bots designed to defend are locked in battle with the Voids made to menace!  Collect all the Z-Bots and determine Earth's destiny -- will good prevail or will nice guys finish last?

The story that's told on the back of the Vortexx HQ play set and Fang Fighter play set goes as follows:

It all started in 2025 when computer scientist Arthur Zedd created the highly specialized Z-Bots� robots designed to serve all mankind.  Things took a turn for the worse in 2084 when a computer virus contaminated their circuitry turning many into evil robot mutations--Voids�!  In their quest to dominate Earth, the Voids entered into a fierce battle with the remaining Z-Bots and their human allies.  Now, year 2112, the war continues as the Z-Bots seek refuge on the Moon and Mars in order to rebuild their forces.  With the help of Z-Prime, the master computer program for all Z-Bots, they strive to once again gain control of the Earth for themselves and their human creators.

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