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Z-Bots Mini Z's

The Mini-Z's were 1 inch tall.  They came in 10 packs, 15 packs and in play sets.  The pieces that came in play sets were all unique pieces.  All the robots in the 10 packs are duplicated in the 15 packs with slight color variations.  There were a total of 51 different Mini-Z's if you count the different names.  If you're a purist and are interested in the color variations from the 10 packs vs. the 15 packs, then there are 71 different robots, with 20 of them having color variation twins. Some of the pictures were taken while they were still in the boxes because I didn't want to open the packages on these.

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Z-Bots Mini Z's

Axor Bombadeer Bonzeye Bruzr
Bugg Deekoy D-Fektor Divebom
Drone Goon Goon Gunner
Gunshy I-Zee Infliktorr Jammer
Kadett Kazi Klash Komandr
Micro Z Nyfe Plundr Prizzner
Punee Skoutt Snark Sneek
Snypp Squert Tacker Tadpole
Taz Knat Wardenn Zant

Mini Z's Play Sets

X-Terminate 5 Includes:
 Komandor, Bonzeye, Skoutt, Micro Z, Bombadeer, Drone
Klashintor (Also called Turbine-x) Includes:
 Plunder, Goon, Klash, Gunshy, Gunner, Deekoy

MiniZ's Mini Play Sets

Alcazar Includes Infliktorr, Wardenn, Prizzner Spybase 7 Includes Sneek, Bugg, Jammer
Turbine-X Includes Divebom, Kadett, D-Fektor

Z-Force Packs
Only the 15 packs are shown.  10 packs have all the same robots as the 15 packs.

Comes with:
Ramrod, Levr, Dink, Snypp, Squert
Impalr, Bazoo, Snark, Bash, Jabr
Zzipp, Bruzr, Slammo, Punee, Runt

Comes with:
Taz, Zant, I-ron, Kazi, Tadpol
Zapix, Fleet, Rizor, Gargo, Axor
Foyler, Tacker, Eek, Nyfe, I-Zee

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