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Want List Known to Exist

The pieces shown on this page are pieces that I can confirm exist.  Some of the other pieces on the year specific want list pages may or may not exist.  I listed the ones that are know to exist on this page to make things simpler for those people that may have some Micro Machines sitting around and don't want to check all the year specific pages.

  In many cases an entire set is shown with a note defining the pieces I need from the set.  If you have the loose piece or the complete set, I'm offering good money for either of them.  If you have any Micro Machines at all, please contact me with a picture.  I may need some of the ones you have and may be  able to make you some easy money.  See my Special Offer for more details.

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Super 10 Pack - Unusual military colors


Crushers #4 - Bronco
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Rockin Wheels #3  Deep Purple - Bus and Corvette
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Rockin' Wheels #2 Motley Crue - All
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1994 #37 Road Kings - Red/White/yellow Fiero "Hot Deal bonus car

Collectors Edition Corvette CE3R

Star Wars - Epic Collection # VI - The Courtship of Princess Leia
  Hapes Nova Battle Cruiser, Mon Remonda

Dodge Steak bed Truck Gray/Blue

Toyota Land Cruiser - yellow/orange

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