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Want List - 1997

These are some of the pieces or sets I'm looking for.  In some cases an entire set is shown with a note defining the pieces I need from the set.  If you have the loose pieces or the complete set, I'm offering good money for either of them. 

Please don't send me Emails asking me if I want your Micro Machines without first having checked my want lists.

It's also important to understand that Galoob made a lot of the same vehicle bodies in different colors. If your pieces match the body, but are not the same color as my want list, then I don't need it.

It's best to check my web site first for the vehicle you think I might need and please try to send me clear pictures. Blurry cell phone pictures are difficult to see.

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1997 Indy Starting Grid - Paying $200 for this set
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1997 Indianapolis 500 International Racers - Need all of them

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1997 Indianapolis 500 Rookie Challengers - Blue/yellow #17, red/white/blue #44

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1997 Top Finishers - Blue #91, Blue White #6


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