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Star Wars

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A-Wing Starfighter

Battle Damaged

B-Wing Starfighter

Bespin Cloud City

Bespin Twin-pod Cloud Car

Boba Fett's Slave I

Cargo Skiff

Darth Vader's Tie Fighter

Death Star II

Escape Pod

Escort Frigate

Imperial AT-AT

Imperial Lander

Imperial Probot
See Epic Collections for movable leg variation

Imperial Shuttle

Imperial Star Destroyer
See Epic Collections for white engine variation

Imperial Walker

Jabba's Desert Sail Barge

Jawa Sandcrawler


Lars Family Landspeeder

Millennium Falcon

Mon Calamari Star Crusier

See Episode I for a variation of this vehicle

Rebel Blockade Runner

Rebel Cruiser

Rebel Transport


Speeder Bike

Swoop with Rider

Super Star Destroyer Executor

T-16 Skyhopper

Tibanna Gas Refinery

Tie Bomber

Tie Interceptor
See Epic Collections also

Tie Starfighter
See Epic Collections also

Battle Damaged

V-35 Landspeeder

X-Wing Starfighter
See Epic Collections also

Green Squadron (Battle damaged)
Blue Squadron (Battle damaged) Red Squadron (Battle damaged)
Dark Gray Slimed - Yoda Head Play set

Y-Wing Starfighter

Battle Damaged

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