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 2001 European Stunt Sets

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The European Stunt sets came out in 2001 under the Hasbro name.  It appears there were 15 sets of 5 cars each.  Although I have never been able to find any pictures or information on sets 1 through 10.  If you have any of these sets, or know anything about them, please contact me.  As seen in the picture, these packs were the traditional style that was representative of the entire Galoob line.  Later in 2001 Hasbro introduced the flat 5 packs that we now see in the U.S. and Europe. 

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# 11 - Aqua Stunts

Ford Probe 1957 Corvette SS Callway Corvette

Chevy Camaro

Ford GT-40

#12 - Hot Stunts

1980 Corvette '80s Camaro '71 Camaro
'54 Corvette Ford GT-40

#13 - Metallic Stunts

Chevy Camaro '97 Corvette Ford '32 Highboy
Shelby Cobra Buick Riviera

#14 - Night Stunts

'71 Camaro '71 Mustang Ford GT-40
Camaro Iroc Concept Chevy Bel-earo Concept

#15 - Wild Stunts

'97 Corvette Chevy Monte Carlo Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit
Callaway Corvette Ford Mustang

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